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images respond to feedback ebay australian

I used eBay recently to sell a barely worn dress. If you still want to hide Feedback items and be prevented from sellingfollow these steps:. Kenneth on 2 Jun Ebay is fast becoming a place that generates very little income for me. I get neg fb for his ignorance I think if customer gives the negative feedback than ebay should review it and than give it to the seller it is valid the point every review should be approved by ebay after verifying it.

  • There may be times when you want to reply to Feedback a buyer has left for you, or add a comment to Feedback you've previously left for someone else.​ You can't change Feedback you've left for a buyer, but you can ask a buyer to reconsider Feedback they left for you. What happens when you ask for a Feedback revision?​ While it doesn't affect your seller performance, we understand that positive Feedback is important to you.​ If you believe Feedback you received from a buyer isn't accurate or fair, you can try to resolve the situation by replying.

    Every eBay member has a Feedback Profile, which includes basic information about the member and the Feedback that their trading partners have left for them.
    I said no it was a negative experience, opened a case with paypal and got refunded. I can usually have the buyers revise the negative after I work things out with them.

    Little Seller on 6 Dec I was just left a negative feedback from a buyer who claims the item I sold to her is not authentic.

    Seems like potentially imply the logical relationship: revise feedback THEN refund. Sellers should be penalised for sending defective or damaged items to buyers, especially twice.

    images respond to feedback ebay australian

    No way Ebay and I could not stop these attacks. Return address: xxxxxxxxxx Please make sure you are sending us a message after returning.

    images respond to feedback ebay australian
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    Click "Leave Reply.

    images respond to feedback ebay australian

    Since I was away they couldn't replace it and they only offered half refund so I kept the negative experience because it really was for me. Both eBay and I lost money because of eBay buyer suck ass policy they have. Would you recommend others by from this seller?

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    I asked them if they would consider removing the feedback. I am sure there are some ways on EBAY for spammers, scammers. I then send the buyer an email and tell them to make me an offer for the agreed price and I will accept the offer.

    As a seller on eBay, you can leave feedback for your buyers the same way they can for you. It is a great way to acknowledge them as your customers, and.

    images respond to feedback ebay australian

    It's known as "feedback extortion" and eBay has clear rules against it, but of to the frustrating GST blockade which still restricts some deliveries to Australia.

    In return came another scripted response offering a 30% refund. So I gave negative feedback to that item and reported to eBay. Now the seller contacted me, apologized. This is from the message: "Could you please reply us back if you are happy to revise the feedback to a eBay Australia.
    I asked them if they would consider removing the feedback. I am about over it.

    Just write RTS next to your address". Don't revise.

    Is this good enough from eBay?

    images respond to feedback ebay australian
    Respond to feedback ebay australian
    Feedback profiles allow you to see how eBay members have been rated by the other eBay users that they've traded with.

    Against eBay rules. However seller asked me to revise, made me thought maybe I did something wrong? Wholesale on 19 Oct and what if you experience a buyer who is kind of retard and don't want to listen to you even if you have a valid explanation?

    Crazy stuff, you'd think eBay would make it better for the people that pays their bills. I ship items quickly and with excellent packaging. By Jason Acidre.

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    1. You can learn more about this in our Seller performance and defect removal policy. Accidentally double listed an item.